About us.

World Leading Modular & MMC Consultancy

Design Büro is an international business with specialist knowledge in Modular and Modern Methods of Construction. Our team is the worldʼs leading Modular and MMC consultant and consults globally on design, engineering, factory production and installation of prefabricated assemblies, pods, and full modular buildings around the globe. We have been involved with many of the most impressive MMC developments including the largest and tallest light gauge and hot rolled steel modular buildings in the world.

Our core competencies include Modular Design & Engineering, Structural Engineering, MEP Engineering, Building Physics and Enterprise Support. The design, structural and MEP engineering for modular construction projects requires specialised knowledge in which Design Buro is the recognised technology leader for best practice borne out of over 30 years experience and continuous innovation.

Modular Construction is a construction system innovation that is able to offer the most technologically integrated form of MMC. Modular Construction refers to a construction process where most of the work which is usually carried out at site takes place in a factory. The building is divided into transportable volumes which are constructed on an assembly line. The resulting modules are fully finished, including decoration, tiling, MEP, even furniture. The completed modules are shipped and transported to site where they are erected by crane to complete the building.

  • Design, Engineering and Enterprise Support of modular 5 star Wyndham Dream hotel, Doha, Qatar

MMC describes innovative solutions in building products, software, tooling, method and construction system innovations that increase the levels of safety, productivity, sustainability, lifespan, cost savings and speed of construction. In short ‘Smart’ ways to build. Compared to a well run conventional construction site, modular construction offers three primary advantages; predictability, cost savings, and time savings. In a modular building project there are two construction sites; the site, and the factory, operating simultaneously.

As result, a modular building can be constructed in half the time of a conventional building, or better. Design Buro offers Project and Enterprise Support and has an unparalleled capability to deliver the design, engineering and management of large and complex modular building projects globally. We are a multi award winning company with diverse skills in technology, manufacturing and logistics, supported by our world leading technologies.